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People's Coalition Charitable Foundation announces charitable cooperation with IamUkraine studio

At People’s Coalition (Народна коаліція) charity fund, we are always searching for new and reliable ways to help people and achieve our goals. For us charity means compassion, sharing someone else’s pain, and working together against systemic problems and towards real results. With that, we are happy to announce our new project, which will engage innovative technologies for the cause of helping the Ukrainian people.

Specifically, we are happy to announce our partnership with IamUkraine – an organization behind the ZelenskiyNFT project, that aims to embody the spirit and bravery of the Ukrainian people and their national leader Volodimir Zelenskiy in the form of digital artwork. NFTs are a form of modern art, that unites communities of collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world. With that, ZelenskiyNFT will spread the word about the war in Ukraine and the valor of Ukrainians and give people who are willing to help a meaningful way to do so.

ZelenskiyNFT is a collection of 10000 NFTs inspired by the diversity of the Ukrainian people, the courage and solidarity, that they demonstrated in the face of a crisis. Maria Makarenko, the lead artist of the project, describes the artwork as a reminder of the global support, that Zelenskiy got in these trying times. The collection strives to create unifying images of the world while representing the Ukrainian national identity.

The launch of the ZelenskiyNFT project is planned for June. The funds raised from selling NFTs will be distributed among several charity funds, including ours. We ensure you, that we will use it to the last cent for helping Ukrainians who suffer the consequences of war and for restoring normal life in the cities affected by it.

People’s Coalition works together with other public organizations, volunteers, and authorities, to find the best use of the resources at hand. Together, we work to improve people’s lives, and we are thankful for IamUkraine for their initiative, which gives us one more opportunity to do so. We hope, that the ZelenskiyNFT project will attract positive attention within the broader blockchain and NFT communities, providing more support for Ukrainian charities, which are so important in these times.

More info and updates about ZelenskiyNFT project can be found at:





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